Chinese X Jewish cultures

The Story Must Be Told

A surviving comfort woman, a war correspondent and a Holocaust survivor, what do they have in common?  They all have struggled to survive in hazardous conditions and in inhumane environments, and have told us their stories that everyone should know.  The words featured in this artwork are from various online sources including Nobel Laureate, Elie Wiesel, Israeli war correspondent in ISIS territory, Itai Anghel, and comfort women in China.


Title: The Story Must Be Told

Year of Completion: 2015

Media: Acrylic on canvas

Dimension: 90 x 90cm

This work is shortlisted for the Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize 2015.  It will be exhibited at The Fringe Club during Human Rights Week (December 4-10) and sold in a charity auction on the evening of Thursday December 10, International Human Rights Day. For details, please visit Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize 2015



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