Chinese X Jewish cultures

Mixed Blessing

Title: Mixed Blessing
Medium: Found objects
Dimension: 200 * 75 * 75cm


In the “Mixed Blessing” project, Carol explores the cultural challenges addressing identity and preservation of traditions, her installation work with Chinese and Jewish objects engages with the real world of complexity and nuanced distinction. It coordinates her dot of space on the planet and her journey from there.

Carol fills her trolley made out of wardrobe doors with daily objects from her home and friends. They include her white wedding gown, Chinese wedding dress “Gua Qun”, plain and red hard boiled eggs, white and red panties, Shofar and Chinese block, quill pen and Chinese brush, the Hebrew Bible and Chinese classic literature “Dream of the Red Chamber”, meals on El Al and Chinese rice dumpling, Chanukiah and starfruit lantern, Jerusalem stone and red clay tile from the roof of the village house. These objects have created an intimate dialogue between the artist and the audiences which have brought myriads of thought and ideas triggered by the two cultures.


This work will be exhibited at the MVA Graduation Show, Academy of Visual Art, Hong Kong Baptist University

Opening: July 10, 2015 (Friday), 7pm

Exhibition: July 11 – 31, 2015 (Daily), 11am – 8pm

Venue: Kai Tak Campus, 51 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon (Choi Hung MTR exit A)

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