Chinese X Jewish cultures


Ink, paper, personal clothing, steam iron

Year 2021

Size Dimensions variable

Part of Little Albert Joint Exhibition

Many have heard about the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt in the year 1313 BCE.  The stories of Moses and Pharaoh, the ten plagues, and the splitting of the Red Sea are generally familiar to a mass audience.  Jewish people have celebrated the eight-day festival of liberation, Passover, by observing dietary restrictions and retelling the story of the Exodus, as written in the book the “Haggadah”.  This story of the past is recited during the ritual dinners of Passover.  It is an obligation for the Jewish people to pass these stories on from generation to generation.

For me, the Haggadah is an insightful medium designed to reflect upon the larger themes of emancipation and redemption, and more personally, of persecution and freedom.  This work expresses my interpretation and experience of freedom through the manifestation of performing daily chores and routines.

The characters on the red paper are the whole Haggadah in Hebrew, rendered in Chinese Kaishu calligraphy.  I applied heat transfer printing with the red paper onto my clothing items to symbolise the retelling of the story of Exodus. The process and the final work gives a contemporary interpretation of freedom and liberation as manifested by the transforming atmosphere in our home. 


年份 2021

大小 不固定





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